Located in a railway arch in Attercliffe, brewSocial is the newest Sheffield brewery. Head Brewer Richard Hough estimates that the two fermenting vessels will produce around 30 (nine gallon) firkins/week. The planned first commercial beer is an unfined, vegan 4.0% pale called Out to Launch.

Richard Is a very experienced brewer. His CV includes Abbeydale at the time when Moonshine became the top-selling cask ale in Sheffield. He was also co-founder of Blue Bee Brewery before stints at Acorn, Lenton Lane and Shiny. He is looking forward to the challenges of working as part of the wider Yes2Ventures (Y2V) umbrella.


brewSocial are linked to Y2V, a locally-based social firm development agency who aim to create employment and training opportunities for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market.

brewSocial has the same community ethos, providing a variety of local employment opportunities: brewery work, cleaning, delivery, logistics, marketing and many others. Dan Carter, Manager of the associated Travel Service put it neatly – ‘Lots of different people do lots of different things.


 Y2V also manage theSocial (24-26 Snig Hill). Opened in August 2021: in addition to the bar, the complex also encompasses an art gallery and performance space. Licensee Juliet Portchmouth, is looking forward to hosting the launch of the first casks from beerSocial – ‘I am excited to have our new beer on the pumps at theSocial! It will compliment our varied range.

As Y2V Founder Director, Mark Powell states: ‘Having a job and feeling good about it – that’s an experience the people we work with have rarely had. They don’t fit conventional job descriptions, but I bet they’ll brew good beer.’